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Corporativo Cremería Americana

Año: 2022
Localizacion: Toluca, Edo. Mex.
Superficie: 390 m2
Estatus: Proyecto

Cremería Americana represents a pillar of the country's food industry, and not only that, it represents a pillar for our gastronomic culture, being the main producers of butter, margarine, creams and other food products. Amazed by the history and success story of its flagship products, "Gloria Butters", we focused on developing the project based on these products, resulting in a set of "butters" (terracotta baguettes), which harmoniously placed, they make up the ventilated façade that will protect the project from direct sunlight; granting the adequate passage of light for the administrative work that the users will develop and isolating the noise produced by the trucks that circulate through the industrial park where the project is located.

The project is raised to meet some of the client's requirements: keep the existing parking lot and integrate the project into the warehouse. For this reason, the proposed end-to-end roof frames the façade and provides rain protection for the loading and unloading platforms. The side windows open framed to give the administrative staff a view of the loads received by the warehouse.

The project contemplates a future growth of this area of the company, for this reason the total height of the rear nave is reached, giving space to build a third level of offices.


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